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ctso-banner-01.pngDECA, FBLA, BPA, TSA, FFA and FCCLA Chapters. Let us help you get started with one of our amazing fundraisers! Simply click the "Start Now" button or if you are still unsure, request FREE information using our form at the bottom of the page!


Choose from over 25 different brochure sales and over 30 different quick sellers for your fundraisier! Our multiple options will ensure that you receive the best fundraiser and experience for your group! Fill out our form at the bottom of the page for more FREE information to help you get started!

Testimonial From our Owner

If your student organization's budget is like my DECA chapter's budget was, you can always use a little more money. My DECA chapter did approximately 2-3 large fundraisers each year, and at least one cash & carry quick seller, so when it came time for the trip to the national competition (ICDC), the mountain of financial need wasn't so overwhelming for those who qualified. One year we had been so successful I was able to give each of 11 students who qualified for nationals an extra $100 for personal spending money plus pay all other expenses! Travel to state and national competitions is getting more and more expensive so the ability to leverage all your members sales power is a wonderful thing? All my students collectively fundraised in the fall and again in the spring. Random pizza parties and other perks gave everyone a reason to be involved. 


For my fundraising success it was always about one thing ... getting my students motivated. I wanted fundraising to be like every other aspect of my program ... fun and rewarding! I kicked off each fundraiser with incentives and challenges that I came up with on my own. You're a teacher, so I know you have this ability! My incentives weren't always grand, some were in the form of simple acknowledgement and praise! I always used goal charts for each class and with my competitive nature I usually created some fun rivalries among the classes. The result meant I could continue planning things for my DECA chapter without having to always stop to fundraise. I planned ahead and my students knew what their opportunities for the year would be, and the option was theirs to be involved with the large fundraisers to build our chapter's financial cushion for the year!

Tara Richardson



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