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Elementary Groups


Because you are so busy we wanted to save you time and list a few of the Top Fundraisers specifically recommended for elementary schools! We want to make fundraising simple, so we will be there every step of the way. Simply click "Start Now" or fill out a request form for more FREE information at the bottom of the page.

Top Fundraisers

Kids are First

This brochure comes complete with a prize program and offers up to 40% profit for your group. There is no minimum order and you will receive free shipping! Each item retails for $6-$10. 

Flower Power

This brochure program is shipped directly to the customer. There is no minimum order and your group will make up to 50% profit!

Find Frank - Fundraising Game

This is a great game to remind students they are in the middle of a fundraiser and it is time to do their best. What better way to keep that on their minds than making it a game?

After you select a brochure sale, we will send you free seller packets along with your very own stuffed Frank the Frog! Each morning of the sale for about 7-10 days, have someone hide Frank in the school and the child that finds him can bring him to the office and recieve a small prize (also provided). At the end of the fundraiser, award Frank to the top-selling student!

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