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Get the answers to your questions here!

Q. Which fundraiser works the best?

A. Well it depends on your group’s size, the motivation level of your sellers, and amount of money you need to raise. Call 660-492-3081 and our fundraising experts will help you select the best fundraiser for your group.

Q. Does it cost anything to get started with a brochure fundraiser?

A. No. There is no upfront cost when starting a brochure fundraiser. Just pick your sale, select the "Start Now" button, and we will send you seller packets ready to go at no cost to you!

Q. How much profit will we make?

A. All profit amounts are listed on the website specifically for each brochure and quick seller.

Q. How do we get started with a brochure program?

A. You can click "Start Your Sale" at the top of the page or give us a call at 660-492-3081.

Q. How long should we run a fundraiser?

A. We suggest running your fundraiser for a two week period.

Q. Do you accept school purchase orders or credit cards?

A. Yes, we provide net 45 with school purchase orders, and yes, we accept Mastercard and Visa.

Q. Do I have to be a nonprofit organization to run a fundraiser?

A. No. We work with all types of organizations.

Q. Can we order online?

A. Yes, quick sellers and custom items are available to purchase online.

Q. How long does it typically take to receive a quick seller order?

A. 7-10 business days is the average processing and shipping time.

Q. Do you accept orders outside of the USA?

A. No, unfortunately we can only accept orders within the 48 states.